Ambassadors over the years

Ashley Callus

“Being able to swim well has been great for me. Besides my competitive success, I’ve been able to make lots of friends and enjoy doing things like swimming in the surf. Swim Australia is doing a fantastic job helping Swim Schools develop. This will result in my kids being efficient swimmers and benefiting from the fruits of the skill.”

Forbes Carlile MBE

“This is an excellent initiative and will contribute strongly towards the health and well being of young Australians.” (1997) John Konrads AM: “Swimming is much more than a safety requirement and a sport. We know that being at home in the water adds to the happiness of life. It improves motor skills, aids concentration at school or at work and expands the horizons of our mind. I am delighted to support Swim Australia, their objectives are critically important to everybody.”

Laurie Lawrence

“Swim Australia ensures that swim schools throughout Australia will, with the guidance of Swim Australia, become even more professional. It is a professional organisation that will benefit all Australians.” (1997)

Hayley Lewis

“For me, swimming has been a sport for life. I was taught to swim when I was just out of nappies to make sure I was safe and from there swimming became both a career and a lifestyle. Now I’ve done the same for my kids and I really encourage all parents to ensure their kids get the safety and health benefits of learning to swim as early as possible. The best way to teach kids to swim is at a Swim School registered with Swim Australia where they’ll be in a safe environment and can build skills and confidence in the water.”

Karni Liddell

“I wanted to be involved with Swim Australia because I am so passionate about swimming, fitness and health and Swim Australian encapsulates all of this. Swimming has provided me with an amazing life and I have made lifelong friends through swimming. I love swimming and more importantly I love watching other children with disabilities getting involved in swimming, as it really is essential that people with disabilities stay active, healthy and happy.” (2008)

Justin Norris

“I wanted to become an Ambassador for Swim Australia because I’m very passionate about using my knowledge from years of competing and applying it to grass roots learn to swim. I have two young daughters so I’m am very focused on infant aquatics. Swim Australia is a great support for all swim schools and a great resource for all parents.”

Jim Piper

“With so much of Australia’s lifestyle revolving around water, it’s very important for kids to learn to swim and gain water awareness at a young age, Swim Australia provide great programs to teach kids these skills, so they can be safe whilst enjoying the water.” (2004)

Jessicah Schipper

“Swim Australia’s programs are an awesome head start for kids who want to enter into the competitive side of swimming but also gives them the confidence they need to just get into the water and have fun with their friends and their swimming. My sister and brothers and I all learnt to swim at an early age and have never regretted doing so because we have had so much fun competing and playing in the water, knowing we had the type of water safety training that Swim Australia provides right from the start.” (2007)

Don Talbot OBE

“It is a pleasing and surprising honour to be appointed as an Ambassador for Swim Australia. I have never been named as an ambassador for any organisation before and I will do my best to represent Swim Australia well. Swim Australia should be applauded for placing such a high value on children learning to swim well in an enjoyable manner. I would urge all parents to enrol their children in a Swim School registered with Swim Australia. Learn-to-Swim ‘graduates’ are strongly urged to maintain their swimming. The sport has wonderful healthy benefits and teaches timeless values.”

Libby Trickett

“Swim Australia provides valuable water safety training and development for young Australians. With greater confidence in the water, kids can enjoy all the benefits that our great Aussie weather and lifestyle has to offer – and have fun too! I enjoyed learning to swim so much as a young child that I have never stopped swimming.” (2004)

Karen & Emily Seebohm

Mother-daughter ‘swim team’, Karen and Emily Seebohm, have volunteered their services to promote the swimming and water safety teaching qualification – Swim Australia™ Teacher. The Seebohm’s will be the first Ambassadors for the world-leading Swim Australia™ Teacher program” Karen Seebohm said: “I’ve been teaching swimming now for too many years than I care to mention. I have enjoyed every minute of it. It is still a thrill to see the littlies achieve various milestones and feel good about themselves. As a parent, too, I am very conscious of the need for children to be safer around water”. For Karen it was also a lifestyle choice: “I wanted part-time work and the range of available teaching sessions was perfect for me.” Karen went on to say: “… and don’t be put off by your own swimming ability – in many workplaces it is virtually irrelevant; you will learn what and how to teach. The important thing is that you love being with kids.” For Olympian and World Champion Emily, teaching swimming and water safety was a natural progression. “Being around the pool a lot for my own training, I got to watch plenty of classes. I saw the kids enjoying their lessons and trying hard to master a new skill – I wanted to be part of that. And it has been a real buzz taking classes. Mum has always been saying how good she feels about teaching – now I know where she is coming from.” (2009)

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