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A chance encounter between Water Safety exponent Laurie Lawrence and Australian Treasurer Wayne Swan at an Australia Day bar-b-q in 2008 was catalyst and the beginning of a journey that saw a baby teaching water safety DVD launched in Canberra on Wednesday 28th October 2009.

The Minister for Early Childhood Education, Childcare, Youth and Sport, Kate Ellis was amazed as little Evie Read, aged just five and a half months, sat calmly in a green plastic shell filled with water at the AIS swim school and allowed Minister Ellis to pour water over her angelic face. The look on Evie’s face spoke a thousand words as she smiled, squealed, and splashed water back all over Ms Ellis. The Minister couldn’t believe how relaxed and comfortable Evie was with the water.

“It’s Children’s Week – a time to celebrate the contribution of children to our lives and our society. But it’s also a time to think about what we can do to make their lives.  It’s a tragedy that 32 children under the age of five drowned last year, with 19 deaths in swimming pools. We can change that and we will,” Ms Ellis said.  “This DVD for parents is just one way we’re putting a focus on water safety and working hard to make sure young lives aren’t lost in the water,” Ms Ellis said

Later little Evie, in her Kids Alive cossie, took to the pool to show the media her paces.  Urged on by her doting grandfather, affectionately known as “Lollipop,” Evie showed how easy it was for young babies, given the opportunity and correct trigger preparation, to submerge and float at a very early age.

The Living with Water DVD – a Comprehensive Guide to Water Safety for Under 5’s promotes water safety messages for newborns, crawlers, toddlers and pre-schoolers. It includes essential information about learning swimming and water safety skills, eliminating water hazards, pool fencing, constant supervision of children around water and learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills.

Super coach Lawrence insisted the DVD is more than a learn-to -swim DVD

“In these modern times where the average three year old is sedentary in front of the television set for much of the day and spends barely three hours a day in active play  I want this DVD to help build a healthier nation. I want it to be a bible for fun fitness health and safety, but more importantly I want it to save lives,” he said and then he broke into a couple of verses of poetry.

Just focus for a moment on whom that lost child could have been

A Bradman, Fred Hollows or a Country Western Queen

The mother of a tribe of kids with Thorpie in their eyes

The father of a daughter who’d have claimed the Nobel prize!

Keep kids alive do the five mime the rhyme to survive

Fence the pool!

Shut the gate

Teach your kids to swim it’s great!

Supervise watch your mate!

And learn how to resuscitate!

The baby teaching water safety DVD is a world first in drowning prevention for preschool children and one which former Olympic gold medal coach Lawrence hopes will not only realise his dream of zero preschool drowning in Australia but also be a blue print in drowning prevention around the world.

Bounty new mother’s bag is on board to distribute the DVDs in hospitals all over Australia – reaching 83% of new mothers every year. Young Mums and Dads will go home from the hospital nursing their new bundle of joy and armed with information that with bring the pool to the bathroom. Hundreds of thousands of young Australian will benefit from the valuable information contained in the DVD.

In the making of the DVD numerous water safety experts were invited to form a reference group, share their expertise and suggest information to be included in the DVD.  Emma Lawrence sorted information and together with Cutting Edge Studio’s senior producer Pete Walmsley produced a DVD that was shown to focus groups of young parents for their comment.

This process was repeated on numerous occasions until Walmsley was convinced he had a DVD that was not only unique but a world first.

Walmsley enthused, “This DVD contains information on water familiarisation exercises for parents to perform on their babies in the bath and shower. It details water dangers that exist for little children as they grow from baby to crawler to active toddler.  There is information on what to look for in a good swim school and St John ambulance has included a section on CPR.

He continued, “There are some sad reminders as three families share their stories on how they lost their children in separate drowning incidents in a pool a bathtub and a dam and as a father of two young boys Will three and Thomas three months it cuts very close to the bone … it has opened my eyes to the dangers that exist in and around the home.”

Thanks to the Commonwealth Government who funded the project and the generosity of Kids Alive, parents and caregivers of under 5 year olds will be able to collect a free DVD from their Swim School registered with Aussie Aquatics.

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