We are committed to a swimming and water safety for all philosophy. We incorporate inclusion strategies in all aspects of its activities, endeavouring to create opportunities for all Australians to participate. Whether people choose to learn to swim for safety, fun and enjoyment, health and fitness, aspire to be a world champion, or choose to be involved in a non-swimming role as a teacher or volunteer swimming provides many opportunities.

As the Peak Industry Body for Swim Schools, we are committed to assisting its Registered Swim School network emulate such a philosophy.  To that end, various Special Interest Groups, driven by passionate, expert Leadership Teams have been created.  Additionally, a number of great fit charities have been embraced – our ‘Pool of Causes’.

We care about the community and we care about swimming and water safety


Our initial major project in fulfilling its Inclusion Strategy was the development of the Inclusive Swim School Standard.  This was Launched in Cairns on the 9th July 2015, during our annual National SwimDisABILITY Fest.  

When contextualizing the sports ‘Inclusive Clubs Standard’ to one suitable for Swim Schools, we also modernized it to incorporate the Federal Government’s Play by the Rules 7 Pillars of Inclusion.
The standard serves two purposes;

  1. providing education and guidance to those Swim Schools who are taking steps to create an inclusive environment in their Swim Schools, and
  2. helping Swim Schools, we and associated bodies, identify areas of strength and weakness, enabling the development of better, inclusive programs.To assist Swim Schools develop a more Inclusive outlook in general and work through this Standard in particular, a range of resources have been accumulated.*With the kind permission of Swimming Australia Ltd, these have been contextualised to suit the Swim School environment.

Our SwimDisABILITY program comprises of a Special Interest Group, driven by a Leadership Team, consisting of Wendy Ross, Tracey Ayton, Liz Green, Herbie Howard, Michael Woods, Emily McNeill (SwimCARE Manager) and Ross Gage (CEO).  The agenda centres around:

•         Teacher Accreditation
•         On-going professional development.
•         Standards; including information and guidelines.

Major Sponsor for SwimDisABILITY

Pool of Causes

We work to support a wide range of valuable community service programs.  It directly supports the following:

Environmentally Friendly Swim Schools

The Environmentally Friendly Swim Schools program is focused on developing more environmentally friendly Swim Schools.  The Environmentally Friendly Swim Schools Special Interest Group’s Leadership Team consists of Peter Willis, Bill McDonald, Lari McDonald, Lesley Rudd, Cameron Speechley and Deny Zancanaro.  The agenda centres around:

•         Providing regular information and tips regarding environmental practices to Swim Schools.
•         Lobbying regulators, including Government, regarding standards pertaining to the likes of water treatment.

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